Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Wish You Were Here

AS Christmas is drawing near and the hustle and bustle of the season is definitely upon us all. WE are all about out of time and what it going to get done is about done.I will have to say that I am almost ready, baking, cooking almost done, presents are all wrapped, only a few small things left to do. Our immediate family will have Christmas tomorrow night after church(the kids,their spouses and the grandson). We usually go early to make it easier on the children and their families since their are so many places to go. However, I do miss not getting to spend all day with them on Christmas, they have families of their own, and other obligations. My selfish time with them has come and gone, but that is the way it is suppose to be.(Parents if you have under age children in your home, slow down and enjoy those moments, they will not last near long enough, and without small children in the home Christmas is different).

As Clayton and I finished up some shopping today, I could not help but think of those I love and hold dear to me that I wish were here. Whether it be miles, and miles of distance between us, or whether they have gone on to be with the Lord, there are many that I wish were here and I could spend Christmas with them.

My younger brother in Oklahoma and his family, I wish they were here and not there.(Oh, how I miss him) My older brother in Florida, I have not seen him in many years, I would like to know he is okay, warm, feed and that he feels loved this Christmas season. I wish he were here and not there. My oldest brother in Wyoming, I wish he were here and not there so we could chat a bit about noting, we seem to keep missing one another when either one of us are in the area.

Pap, my granddad, has gone on to be with the Lord. He was saved 3 weeks before he died at the age of 84(Amazing). I still miss you and think of you often, and would love to introduce to the rest of my family, and set and talk for hours. And there have been church family and friends that are with the Lord that I wish were here.

But most of all "Johanna" I wish you were here. I know your Christmas is the best of all, you are with the Christ of Christmas. But I wish you were here. You would have dresses, pj's and more clothes under the tree. Most definitely there would have been a baby doll and some more toys to go with them. And I would probably have started buying you the Holiday Barbie every year to keep and not play with.(That would have been mine and your Christmas tradition).I wish you were here, but I know Gods thoughts are not my thoughts and Gods ways are not my ways.

So, take a few moments this Christmas to reflect on those that you love, whether they are here, there, or with Christ. One day we that are born again will all be together in eternity with the Christ of Christmas.(What a day that will be)

Merry Christmas


Preachersgirl3491 said...

I love this and I think about what it was like when I was little every year around Christmas. I think of the times waking up and running into the living room and all the Christmas spent with my whole extended family. I miss going to my great grandmothers for Chirstmas. I also miss Johanna and wish she could be with us this Christmas. It is so hard to think about.