Monday, February 23, 2009

When We Think God's Way

I have started a new Bible Study today called "Managing Your Moods" a Women of Faith Study Guide Series. I will take this one slower and try to absorb it more. I did one previously and got through it in 12 days and got to the end and realized that each day I had done a lesson that it was meant for a week.

I know us ladies are emotional roller coasters, me included. In part of my bible Study today a portion of a quote stood out to me "When We Think God's Way" we not only become wiser but also emotionally steady.(by Patsy Clairmont. ) In studying today I had to look up many scriptures that talk about the heart, but the main verse for this week was taken from Luke 6: 45.

Oh My, I think this might be my memory verse for March 1st. I need to commit it to memory for what is in the heart is what comes out of our mouths. I am afraid I am so guilty of not thinking Gods Way and thinking of what Joan wanted.

Lord, help me to always remember you are in control and I need to captivate my heart by your thoughts and ways not mine.