Thursday, April 29, 2010


I found this Purple Bible at the Barnes & Noble store this morning. Since I love, lovveee purple and it was readable and in the version I wanted it came home with me. Yahhh!!!!

A girl at the church Alan is preaching at this week has this Bible and I love, love it too. You can't have to many Bibles especially in girl colors. Maybe one day.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"My Portion"

Lam 3:24
The LORD is my portion, saith my soul; therefore will I hope in him
Psa 73:26
My flesh and my heart faileth: but God is the strength of my heart, and my portion for ever.

I have had this on my mind since the EWomen Conference when we heard Lysa TerKuerst speak and she talked about God being "My Portion". I found 6 verses in the Bible and all of them being in the Old Testament.

This is the Strong's definition of portion:

1) portion, share, part, territory
a) portion, share
b) portion, tract, parcel (of land)
c) one's portion, one's possession
d) (chosen) portion
e) portion, award (from God)
2) smoothness, seductiveness, flattery

And that is what I have been praying every day that God would be my portion.


Friday, April 23, 2010

Spiritually Wrung Out

Alan and I were in Carrollton, GA this week for a Bible Conference. Alan was one of the preachers for the morning sessions. My what preaching we heard this week in the mornings and in the night services. But as I went to bed last night I felt like I had been spiritually and even emotionally wrung out. However, that is not a bad thing at all.

God brought me to a place this week that I realized I had been trying to fix something in my own heart for months now. He showed me that He needs to do the fixing, and I need to let go and let Him do the healing. Sometimes it is painful for us to get before God in a honest state but however for us to grow and tackle life sometimes it is so necessary.

I am so thankful that HE is mine, and I am HIS.


Tonight and tomorrow the girls and I are off to a EWomen Ladies Conference.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Anchor Holds

I have journeyed
Through the long, dark night
Out on the open sea
By faith alone
Sight unknown
And yet His eyes were watching me

The anchor holds
Though the ship is battered
The anchor holds
Though the sails are torn
I have fallen on my knees
As I faced the raging seas
The anchor holds
In spite of the storm

Ive had visions
Ive had dreams
Ive even held them in my hand
But I never knew
They would slip right through
Like they were only grains of sand


I have been young
But I am older now
And there has been beauty
That these eyes have seen
But it was in the night
Through the storms of my life
Oh, thats where God proved
His love to me

I tried to find a you tube video that I liked, but couldn't so I am posting the lyrics. The choir sang this song tonight and Alan and I got some much needed help through it. I am so thankful that I am anchored with the true and living God.


Monday, April 19, 2010

"Screeching Halt"

Traffic on I-85 has come to a screeching halt in Greenville, SC as we travel to Georgia today for a Bible Conference. Evidently there was a collision of a cement truck and another "Big Truck" Clayton terminology.

But as I was searching the internet to find out was was up, and we set in the traffic I could not help but think that life is this way sometimes. We take life way to fast and the older I get the faster in passes by. Sometimes God has a way of forcing us to stop, by circumstances, sickness, snow, or traffic etc.

I could not help but think out the scripture in Psalms 46:10:

Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.

Oh, that I could learn to slow down more, or come to a screeching halt and ponder more on God. We can find thoughts of God everywhere if we will keep our mind on HIM.


Friday, April 16, 2010

Basking in the Sun(SON)

Even though I not not like lizards in any way shape or form(I find myself relating to him today). To me the lizard is a cousin of the snake. Any one creature on earth that I despise it is the snake. I realize that it is Gods creature and He created them, but if they were not any on this earth it would be just fine with me. I have been known to panic on more than one occasion over this creature. My husband would love to have one as a pet, but I cannot live in the same house as one so we have an understanding and it works for us.

However, my mind goes to the lizard today as we all have seen them on a concrete wall, or the side of a house, or just sunning on a rock in the warm/hot sun. I feel like the lizard in that I am basking in the SON(SUN)today. I find that the lizard warms in the sun to warm up his body, because he is cold blooded, and for the vitamin D that he gets from the sun. Sometimes I get cold hearted and feel the winter breeze all around and I must go back to the SON(sun) for warmth. The lizard along with humans need the vitamin D for strength to the body, such as strengthening his bones. I get weak in spirit and body and need to go back to the SON(sun) and get strength for my body.

But if you notice when the lizard is sunning, he has a direct path to the sun, he does not lay in the shade. It is out in the open in the full sunlight that he lays and gets warmed up. I am still basking in the thought that I am "IN Christ" and God has been helping me to feel his love for me. So I feel like the lizard today as I feel the warmth of the SON(sun)all around.

In Christ

Thursday, April 15, 2010

"In Christ"

I listened to a song on my Ipod Tuesday while I was at the gym on the treadmill. The song was In Christ Alone by Natalie Grant. I posted this posted this video from You Tube by Travis Cottrell on Tuesday. I listened to it many times over the course of the day and I have already listened to it several times today.

I just have not been to get away from the thought "In Christ". Beloved, I know that I am in Christ, because of what He did on Calvary. So, I just did a quick search to see how many times that "In Christ" was in the Bible. I have found it 76 times in the New Testament. WOW!!! I knew it was in Ephesians and Philippians many times, because I have it highlighted. But I had no idea it was in the New Testament this many times. God must want me to realize that I am "IN Christ".

"In Christ" is in:

Acts - 1 time
Romans - 10 times
I & II Corinthians - 20 times
Galatians - 6 times
Ephesians - 10 times
Philippians - 7 times
Colosians - 4 times
I & II Thessalonians - 3 times
I & II Timothy - 10 times
Philemon - 3 times
I & II Peter - 2 times

Later today, I plan on reading all the scriptures. I don"t know about you but I am soooo thankful that I am "IN CHRIST". So I think I will go listen to the song again as I read a few scriptures about being "In Christ".

In Christ,

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hide Me, O Savior

A friend sent this to me today in an email. I thought it was worth sharing with you. It is from Adrian Rogers Love Worth Finding Daily Devotional.

Psalm 17:8 - “Keep me as the apple of the eye, ... hide me under the shadow of Thy wings.”

Charles Wesley was walking through the woods on a stormy day when a lightning storm broke out and the rain began to come down in torrents. A bolt of lightning flashed and a little bird was so frightened that it flew down to Wesley and tried to hide in his coat. He was so moved by the scene that he wrote a song we often sing: “Jesus, lover of my soul, let me to Thy bosom fly, while the nearer waters roll, while the tempest still is high. Hide me, O my Savior, hide, ‘til the storm of life is past; safe unto the haven guide, O receive my soul at last.” That’s what our Lord does. He hides us, sustains us, and keeps us.

Are the storms of life raging around you? Hide yourself in the dark clouds – they are just the shadow of His wing.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

So I thought I would hop on board with the blog party. I love to read other bloggers but I have not blogged much lately. I just needed to take a break and get refreshed. So here goes.

I am a PW(Preachers Wife, matter fact a preachers mother, and a preachers mother in law)to the most amazing man, my sweetheart since we were 15. How did I get so blest? GOD! I am a mother of 2, Mother in Law to 2, so that makes 4 children. "Tram" to Clayton the most wonderful grandson. But first and foremost I am a child of God. I love HIM and am learning more about HIM everyday.


In Christ Alone.........