Saturday, March 21, 2009

I'm Tired...

The last couple of days have been extremely busy with many things that must get accomplished. AS hard as I try not to, I do get stressed about all that must get done sometimes. It is sometimes hard for me to focus on one task at a time, and only do one thing at a time and not think about what all else I need to be doing. And there is only 1 of me, but do you suppose the world would stop spinning if I did not get it all done?

Today I went out to our CARE Ministry at church, stopped by Wal-mart and bought a few groceries because we were out of Diet Sun-Drops, milk and fruit cocktail. Clayton will need milk when he is here tomorrow, and he and his Popa really, really, really love fruit cocktail. The kind that has extra cherry juice in it is the best. And the hubby was out of Diet Sun- Drops. I came home and cooked lunch, baked two runs of cupcakes for the youth tomorrow at church, worked on the newsletter for church tomorrow, worked on the internet raido,washed clothes and it is only 4 o'clock. Left still to do today, finish the newsletter, and the radio programs, cook supper, fo print the newsletter and whatever else I can get into.

Anyway, I am very thankful for much today. I could not have a church to go to that has a caring ministry, I could not have a husband that needs things form Wal-mart, or a grandson to spoil by making sure he has milk and fruit cocktail at Grams house. I could not have any clothes to wash, or food to cook meals with , or youth in our church, or be involved in an internet radio minsitry that reaches around the world so others can hear the gospel preached. I could not have a GOD THAT LOVES ME SO MUCH BY BLESSING ME WITH ALL OF THESE THINGS, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY A GOD WHO LOVES ME ENOUGHT TO DIE FOR MY SINS.

Although, I am tired I can find MANY things to Thank God for in the midst of all the tasks that need to be completed.


Simply Donna...... said...

I know how you feel. After working all week, Saturday is the catch up day at the house, plus working on church stuff. I am usually very tired by Saturday evening. But, You are so right, at least we have things that need our attention. Praise God from whom all blessing flow.

chadandnikki said...

Too true. We are so very blessed to have these things that keep us busy.

Stay at Home Mommy said...

Thank you Joan. That helped me to think about the blessings I have. Instead of dwelling on things I have to do I need to look at the blessings the Lord has given me. Even though my girls are alot of work I would never want a life without them. I hope that I always remember this in the overwhelming times. I will be praying for yall this week.