Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bible Conference

We are having Bible Conference this week at our church morning and night services. My what preaching we have had. I have been trying to go to each service with an open, tender, teachable heart so that I can be challenged by the men of God with a word from God.

Nikki and I were talking yesterday that we want to continually grow closer to the Lord and be used of HIM and by HIM but we don't want to walk through the valley to get there. Valleys are painful and sometimes long and lonely. My husband informed us that this was not going to happen this way, that God uses the valleys to grow us and mold us. Although we both already knew this, it was not what we wanted to hear.

But God has HIS way of working, growing, teaching us to make us more like HIM. And His way is always right and the best.

With Christ


Simply Donna...... said...

First I love your 3 column blog - what's the secret. I can never get one on my blog, ugh! Also haven't seen you on facebook lately - you still on?

Jamie Lynn said...

I felt the same way.
I rather not go through the valleys.
But Alan is right.
Plus, without the valleys how could we appreciate any of the mountains?

Love you guys!