Tuesday, July 28, 2009

In, With, and Through

Alan and I started a new Bible Study together this morning. (I encourage you if you are not doing this daily with your spouse and praying together that it is vitally important - it will transform your spiritual walk together with the Lord and strengthen your marriage like nothing else can do.) Our Bible Study is going to concentrate on an area that I have not fully understood so I am kinda excited about it. "Putting on the Whole Armour of God" How do you do that, and what does that mean. I got some insight this morning that is helping me understand that a little better.

But there was a statement in the workbook that said look at how many times, in, with or through Christ -(or any form of reference to Christ was in the first 3 chapters of Ephesians.)Well I was intrigued and did this on my own after we finished our Bible Study and praying together. I even went so far as to underline them all. The first three chapters in Ephesians are now red in my Bible.

And to think I am IN Christ, WITH Christ, or THROUGH Christ I am getting kinda excited about Him and the liberties that I have because of HIM. Take some time and ponder on this and I hope it helps you, too.



Mrs. Hinson said...

Who is the devotional by and what is the title? Josh and I are almost through with the one we're going through now and I am currently looking for the next one. Your blog posts are very encouraging and I always look forward to reading them! I hope everyone is doing good. We miss you all!

Joan Carr said...

"Putting on the Armour" by Chuck Lawless