Friday, September 25, 2009

Saturate Yourself In The Word

Monday morning before Alan and I headed out to Crossett, Arkansas we had our prayer time together and we always ask one another how can I pray for you today. I don't remember what his request was probably to have the correct message for Monday night since he was preaching. However mine was that I would keep focused on Christ. I tend to have difficulty with this, and seem to struggle daily with this matter and my mind goes back to things of the world. His response was to me to saturate yourself in the Word, saturate, saturate,saturate.

I have not been able to get his words out of my mind and have been trying harder this week to do this. I love to read and have a Kindle (electronic book reader) that I have many books on and I also have the Bible on my Kindle. I carry my Kindle with me when I travel and do a lot of reading in airports, motels, houses where we stay. This week we have not had TV, or a car to go anywhere so I have had a lot of reading time. I am on my third book for the week. So all during the day I have been saturating myself in the Word. Right now I am reading a Psalms a day (well every couple of days actually). I read the same one over and over and over, I am currently reading Psalms 2. I started with Psalms 139, then went to Psalms 1, and now I am on Psalms 2.

Do you want to join me reading a Psalms a day over and over all throughout the day.

In, With, Through Christ

Saturating myself in the Word, has really helped me keep my mind more focused on Christ.