Monday, January 4, 2010

Up and At IT...

I've been on the go since 5 this morning, and still have much left to do. I actually began waking up before the clock went off. I guess I was so excited to get up that early. Alan and I had our Bible Study together this morning, had a time of pray together, and then we were at the gym on the treadmill before 6AM, that's right 6AM.
Since he had to return to his teaching job this morning we had to get up and at it really, really early. I cooked a healthy breakfast for him when we returned,we had a few moments of down time and then he was ready and out the door by 8.(Whew, I'm tired).

While at the gym I was listening to "There is a Fountain" by Selah on my ipod. I found myself having to resist singing along with it, I wanted to world to know about HIM and that my sins are gone. This morning as we read Psalm 4 and discussed it, one of the things Alan pointed out to me was where David is talking to God in verses 1, and where David is talking to people in verses 2-6. I had not seen that in my reading.

David is telling those to whom he is talking to:
How long are you going to turn Gods glory into shame.
How long are you going to love vanity, and lying.
You need to stand in awe of God and the things of God, and sin not.
You need to trust the Lord and not yourselves

Does this sound like our world still today? Oh, that I would get a deeper grasp of God this year, it would change me and those all around me. So maybe I should have told someone at the gym about God today. David was bold and told those around him.

In, With and Through Christ


chadandnikki said... were up and at it quite early this morning. I to need David's boldness every day.

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

Oh, you shame me so! I need to start exercising!!!

Love your post today. David speaks volumes.