Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Stand Amazed...

As some days are long and hard, and not what we may have ever desired or dreamed about. God is still good and He and He alone gives new grace each day.

I began the first of the year trying to make an effort to spend more time in Gods word and praying. I am ashamed to say that I had not ever done this consistently.(Day in and day out)But God has forgiven me of this and I can't look back only forward There are still some days I find myself with so much to do that I struggle to get this done. But, God is helping me with this. I have told you before for me a scheduled Bible Study that I can write in works best at this time.

I am also trying to memorize scriptures on the 1st and 15th of every month. And that is the scriptures in my side bar that I have memorized to date this year. We may not always have the Bible, or I may not always be able to read the Bible and I want to have scriptures in my heart.

I stand amazed at how many times the things I have learned in the scriptures have been comfort to me at a latter time. I think when you dig it out yourself you will remember it better. Or how the scriptures I have memorized has given me what I needed at a latter date also. Things will happen in the course of the day and I am reminded of what God has taught me in His word.

Even, in a valley like no other, God is still God and He is still so very good to us all. Many of you know of Johanna Raye Carswell, Nikki's daughter and the diffuclties that she will face in her short life. But I am thankful God has put her in our life no matter how short or how long. We are forever changed because of her. But we all can still say God is Good, and we rest in the knowledge that God and God alone is in control and He knows best for each of us.

I also stand amazed
at the out pouring of your hearts to Nikki and Chad from preachers, to church members, to co-workers, to fellow church members, to family, and bloggers. Nothing touches a parents more that people loving their child.

Thank You All, and keep praying Gods will be done on earth.

Its All about HIM


chadandnikki said...

I don't understand why God picked us to do this particular journey, but I am grateful that He has led us to know how much people care for us and for our family. God's family is so very big, but when you need them, they are the tightest family ever. Just like the Carr/Carswell clan.

Joan Carr said...

So true. I am so thankful for our Carr/Carswell Clan. I Love You All bunches and each one is special in their own way, just like Johanna is special in her own way. Just the way God made her and us.