Friday, April 10, 2009

Still Thinking of Hannahs Prayer

As, I posted yesterday, Hannah's prayer after Samuel was born has been on my mind the last few days. I keep asking God what are you trying to tell or show me. I talked with Alan about it and he says to just keep paying and reading it and God will reveal what He wants to show you. So that is what I am doing.

One of the things that I have come across is from Matthew Henry's commentary. Hannah is praising the giver in this prayer and not the gift that God gave her. I wonder how many times I have got caught up in the gifts of God, and not God himself.

Last night as Amy, Clayton, Nikki and her sister-n-law, Jamie, and myself spent the afternoon together looking for a prom dress for Jamie I was reminded of the gift God gave me in my daughter.

Let me back up and tell the story in short, Jamie is a senior this year and is wanting to go to the Prom in a couple of weeks, she said she was going, she was not going, then we all talked her into going that she would always wish she had gone especially since a special friend is her date for the night. Two weeks to the prom and no dress, now Jamie had looked last week for a dress to no avail. So Amy, Nikki, Clayton and I had a girls night planned since their hubbys were in Florida preaching a meeting, and mine was also preaching. So we changed our plans for the girls night to take Jamie Prom dress shoping. We all had a ball, together. Jamie found the perfect dress in Gastonia, and got some really good counsel from a dad that was also prom dress shopping with his daughter at the same time. It's 8:30 or so and Clayton needs to eat, we debated Cracker Barrell or Texas Roadhouse and decided upon Texas Roadhouse. We were eating nad talking and having awonderful time, when out of nowhere their is a commotion in the restaurant 4-5 tables down and so hear someone holler does anyone know the heimlich. Nikki does and working for a surgeon has had the training and jumps up without thought and does what she has been trained for. We take care of Clayton, because he can see his mom and gets upset and scarred. All is well, the lady is fine.

That was the end of my meal, by this time my stomach is quezy knowing God used the daughter He gave me to help save another perosns life and that He placed her there for His purpose. (It's a mom thing I know, but it is very overwhelming when you see God use your children in ways unthinkable to man for His Glory) But I need not focus on her, the gift, and the gift she gave back to someone else last night. But my focus must be on the giver, "GOD" in every sitatution.

Until next time,


jamielynn said...

Last night was so fun. I'm so glad that I had the oppurtunity to share that experience with y'all.

I'm so glad God put y'all in my life. Like I told Nikki you guys are my family too since I have known you so long;

I'm glad God put us at Texas Road House too.

Joan Carr said...

WE all had a ball, it was so fun. Are you still excited? It was so much fun, and we all enjoyed it. I want lots of pictures. I am going to help you pray about your special friend, who know this could be a turning point. God is able.