Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lovest Thou Me

Alan preached a message Wednesday night out of Revelation about leaving your first love and the church that Jesus was talking to when he made this statement. I have not been able to get that message off my mind. I want to have a compassionate, tender, fervent love for Christ. I want to love Him more today that ever before. So I have been diligently praying about this this week. Yesterday a preacher was preaching in the morning service and made a reference to John 21:15 ...lovest thou me more than these... Jesus asks Peter this 3 times in the following scriptures.

I have not been able to get this off my mind and it just goes right along with what Alan preached the other night at Calvary about loving God. Do you think He is trying to do a work in me about my love for HIM. I am asking Him to help me love HIM, show me how to love Him, show me how to have a tender teachable heart. I want all that I do be because I love HIM and not out of duty or obligation.

With Him


chadandnikki said...

That has been the them of the messages, the ones that I've heard anyway, this week at West Lenoir. Why do we do the things that we do for the Lord. Is it out of love or duty? I think that's something we have to keep a constant vigil(I do anyway) on. If it's only because of duty, then I'm wasting my time and God's time. Thanks for reminding me.