Friday, December 11, 2009

He's Still Working On Me and The Little Red Coat

Christmas is almost here and I am almost done shopping. Well I have a couple of things left to do. For the last couple of years Alan and I take a week immediately before Christmas and get out of town and I like to get my shopping done before we leave.(Life is super busy, and we are ready for a break) But I have really enjoyed shopping this year with Nikki while she has been out of work, the last month I think we have shopped a day every week. It has been a blast and we have couponed together bought presents for some Angel gifts, bought Christmas presents for the family, ate out, laughed and had fun with Clayton. Poor guy he gets to go with us.

Yesterday, as we were shopping I decided I needed to pick up a couple of more things for my last angel little girl, that will be delivered out of state tomorrow. I bought her a coat last year and decided I needed to do this again this year. I found the prettiest RED Pea Coat at Target, well within my budget, and the right size. I had to have it for her.(I have never met my little angel, but I want her to have plenty for Christmas, and I am satisfied that she does now).

I must confess, I wanted to keep the little red coat. When I got it ready for wrapping last night I found myself crying wanting to give it to Johanna. (I know Johanna knows all about Christmas and I picture her sitting on Jesus' knee for Christmas and knowing more than any of us ever do about Him)But I wish my granddaughter was here with us this year. All the toys and dresses, I have seen this year I would have purchased for the angels anyway, but I would have also purchased some for Johanna and went way overboard on her as I did Clayton last year. And then I would have had to get Clayton more things. (It's a Gram thing, I know).

But, He's still working on me, so I give the little red coat to my angel in another state to wear and keep warm as I look forward to the day we can see Johanna again. So, He's still working on me through the little red coat.

In, With and Through Christ


Sassy Granny ... said...

This sure touched my grandmother's heart, Joan. It makes me think of The Shepherd's passion for the missing sheep; perhaps a lamb ... I wonder if that's how He decided to craft a grandmother's heart?

I can almost visualize a little one walking streets of gold wearing a red coat. Almost.


chadandnikki said...

Christmas has been different this year. Not harder, just different. Everything I see for a girl I feel compelled to buy just because that's what I should be doing if things would have turned out "normal". But, God obviously had different plans. I miss my girl terrible tonight, and I too wish she were here.

Jamie Lynn said...

awhh:) I love this post!
Very good.