Monday, December 28, 2009

A New Year

I for one love Christmas, and all that goes with it. But, I am glad that it is behind us and we are on to new things. I hope for some kind of normalcy, as if any of us would know what normal means.

I am looking forward to a new year, new things and new adventures and most importantly new walks and talks with the Lord. It is a time to look back and see how to do things differently, a time to remember those we love. But, it is also I a time to look forward to those we love, and to have new hopes and dreams and to put some things of 2009 behind us and move forward.(I know, easier said than done)

For me, 2010 holds another birthday before to long, it holds a 30th year anniversary for the hubs and me. Our daughter will be 28, I'm not even that old or I don't feel like it, and our son will be 25. WOW, where did all those years go with the children. My how those years flew by. This year Alan and I are going to Israel, a trip that we have wanted to take for more than 20 years although I am getting a bit nervous and excited. My husband is performing a wedding at the beach this year in July and the whole family gets to tag along for a family vacation for a whole week.(Fun, fun, fun in the sun, but with sunscreen especially for the hubs, the daughter, the daughter in law and the grandson, they are all super sensitive to the sun).

And in just a few weeks we will be having a ladies conference at out church with Ms. Carol Kent, as our keynote speaker. I have been praying about being involved in a ladies conference for a couple of years, and not only attending them.

Well, as this year closes and another opens up I want to be found serving the Lord in a closer relationship with Him than in 2009, how about you?



Stay at Home Mommy said...

i too am excited to start a new year, we have a few exciting things in store for this year, and 2009 wasnt much fun. You will have to take lots of pics on your trip to Isreal, you will have so much fun!

chadandnikki said...

I am so ready for 2010. This year has been very hard but there have been may lessons learned that I am thankful for. 2010 is shaping up great and in reality 2009 was wonderful too.