Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Around and Around We Go.....

If you know my house, you know that I have a small wall in between the kitchen/ dining room and the living room. Imagine with me just moment if you don't know my home.. I have two from the living room, one goes to the dinning room and the other goes to the kitchen. My kitchen and dining room is open and together. Do you see, a perfect place for a toddler and a dog to chase one another. Around and around and around.

Clayton spent the day with us today, and he loves our dog Mattie(a 50 lb English Bulldog). We spent about an hour in the floor after lunch playing,well they were playing and I was laughing at them. Mattie can only hold out to play for about 10 minutes, any toddler can last way longer than that. So Clayton, is wanting Mattie to chase him, and does everything in his power to accomplish this. And she does chase him around and around, then she has to lay down and breath, But Clayton is not done. He wants to play more and he keeps getting her attention. He runs for apiece and then comes back and gets her attention and off they go again. Around and around and around. It was so funny.

Then if that was not funny enough Clayton has a set of blocks here and is beginning to learn to stack them, some. Well not today, I stacked and he knocked them over with his foot, not his hands ,his feet. He would stand up to knock them over with his handy dandy foot. I just thought he is beginning to see what a tool your feet can be, and how to use them to his advantage.

I'm sure that this is the first of many miles to be run around our wall for the two of them. Every day with Clayton is wonderful, but add a 50 lb English Bulldog and you never know what the two of them might get into.


Simply Donna...... said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. He is so cute.

Amber Gray said...

Sounds hilarious!!


jamielynn said...

He is the funniest kid I have ever met in my life. I love him ahahahaha..
I would have loved to see that!

chadandnikki said...

WOW. That is great. I do love my little boy.