Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kabooooom ...Kapooooow....

Sounds like I might be the mother of Batman and Robin. Well, actually I am so these words are still in my vocabulary. I got up this morning and left to go to Ingles to go pick up Clayton for our day together. Nikki and I talked for a moment and then we both went our ways. Clayton and I are talking and jabbering as we usually do. Sometimes we sing, sometimes we talk. I think his morning it was Bye Bye Mama was our conversation.

We are proceeding along well and watching traffic and proceeding to slow way down at the yield lane at Smith's crossroads. Smack....Kaboooow...Kaboooow...(my thoughts was what was that and what just happened.) I soon realized we had been hit and by this time Clayton is crying and getting upset. It was not a hurt cry, it was a scared cry. I got out and go around the car and get him out of his car seat, and we snuggle and talk for a minute. It made no difference to me that traffic was stalled in the yield lane they could wait or go around and 1 did. All that mattered was Clayton. We then go to check on the lady that rear ended us and she was okay until she saw Clayton.(She was a grandmother also)She thought she had hurt him, but we assured her that he was okay and all was well. So we call the police and tell them we have collided and we are all okay and we have traffic backed up and do they want us to move. They did, so we pulled into a parking lot and as soon as I got out and got Clayton out, the Lenoir Police is there, he was just passing through and saw us.

I have a Toyota Camry,that I traded my SUV for last year for gas purposes. It is just a car that gets me from point A to point B. I have missed my SUV terribly and want another one. But financially circumstances don't allow us to trade at the moment so I must be content. The other lady has a Toyota Camry, Thankfully for he I have no damage, and she has very little damage to her car. (I guess I have a better appreciation of my car now)Seriously I might have a scratch or two that can be buffed out. The police said if we both agreed that a report did not have to be filled. I'm okay with that and she is more than okay with it and said they would fix their car and not have to deal with insurance. Alan came and checked on us and made sure all is well, and I mention my neck is really burning/stinging and he sees where the seatbelt attacked me.

All is well and we are thankful that God was watching over us all and only let our bumpers collide slightly.(Clayton is now taking his morning nap and has probably
forgotten the whole thing)

It's All about HIM


Simply Donna...... said...

Sorry about the wreck, but praise God you guys are ok.

Love that Clayton. He's a cutie

chadandnikki said...

So thankful everything's OK. I miss my big SUV as well. Content, content, content.

Preachersgirl3491 said...

I am so glad that you are ok! Now it is a family thing to be rear ended, remember Jesse got rear ended the very day that Sir Master Clayton was born.

Jamie Lynn said...

I think Amy's right. It is a family thing to be rearended (even though I'm not biological) I was rearended when I wrecked but whatever not the point hahaha..

I'm glad you both are okay and that your car ain't messed up way bad.


God may have had that happen so you wouldn't have gotten in a bigger one down the road.

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

I am so thankful that you are both OK. I know that was scary for you.

Praying for you sweet friend!