Saturday, May 16, 2009

That's Not Fair...

That's Not Fair, I heard this many times as my children were growing up especially by one of them who I will not name. And I will have to admit that I have probably said it and felt it many times. How about You? But salvation is not fair, its Gods gift of grace to us. And we are undeserving of any grace from the Lord, but He so willing to bestow it upon us.

I have had on my mind for a couple of weeks the scripture in James 1:2
My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations.

Today I have taken the time to look it up and study it out. First, I wanted to see what James was writing about when he was talking about temptations. All the commentaries and word studies agreed with what I already thought that it was just trials of any kind. Then I wanted to see if there were any other scriptures that helped support this verse. And there were many such as I Peter 1:6-8, Romans 5 :3-5 and James 1: 12. I will not post those and just let you look them for yourself.

I have read several thoughts on this scriptures and they all come back to the same thing, that if our faith is not good enough for us in a time of sorrow what kind of faith do we really have. What are we showing to others about God in the time of our sorrows, does this remind you of us being a fair weather friend.(Lord, forgive me)It is in the valley/sorrows that we can let God shine with his grace working in us.

Now, don't get me wrong I have not arrived and have a ways to go on my walk with the Lord. But, I should count it an honor to be used by God in the time of sorrow so others can see a true and living God.

This illustration says it better than I can from one of John MacArthurs sermons on James 1.

A jeweler gives as one of the surest tests for a true diamond what is called the water test. An imitation stone is never ever so brilliant as a genuine stone. But sometimes you can't tell that by just looking at it with your eye. And if your eye is not experienced enough to detect that difference, it is said by jewelers that water will definitely show up the real diamond. A genuine diamond placed in water sparkles brilliantly though it's under water while the imitation is practically extinguished as to its sparkle. Place one along side the other one in water and you'll be able to pick out the real diamond relatively easy. And if I might borrow from that analogy the thought that many people who are very confident of their faith, who feel that their faith is indeed genuine and shines brilliantly, when they find themselves under the water of sorrow or the water of affliction, find that the supposed genuineness of that diamond is shown to be nothing but an imitation. However, put the true child of God under the water of trial and he will shine as brilliantly as ever.

So we should be counting it an honor that God is willing to use us and our trials, according to the scriptures. Now don't get me wrong I don't like heartache any better than you do. But God is working in our lives and in the lives of others when we face trials of any kind in ways that we know nothing about. We must stay out of Gods way and let HIM work. I don't know about you but I want the world to see the true and living God in my life every day. God is more than fair with all of us and whatever He chooses to do.

Lord, let me count it an honor when sorrows come my way to be used by you and not think it unfair or question you to what you are doing. Let my life shine in times of sorrow so others can see you in my life more than ever. I thank you for Nikki and Chad continually letting you shine in the midst of heartache.



chadandnikki said...

An absolutely wonder, and timely post. Thanks.