Saturday, May 9, 2009

What Are You Reading?

Besides the bible for all you book lovers out there, what are you reading? I enjoy books, and I enjoy reading. I like going to book stores, used book stores and the library. How about you?

As Alan and I travel, well maybe I should say as he goes to preach revivals, and camp meetings and I tag along. There are a few things that we like to do, checking out old cemeteries, new restaurants- especially good ones or ones we have seen on tv. I like to see new things and go different places, but since he must prepare to preach we do not do a lot of that. But we both like to read and enjoy checking out book stores all over the country. We have found a $5 Christian bookstore in Commerce, Ga that we like to stop at while we are traveling through. Since we only get that way 3-4 times a year we buy way more than we need or could possibly read until we get back there. But chasing books is better than chasing women/men as I heard one preacher say.

So I thought I could share with you what I have just read, and what I am currently reading. I just completed a book by Sheila Walsh " God Has A Dream For Your Life" She uses stories from The Wizard of Oz, World Vision, her family, and the Bible to help women catch a vision for God's love for them and His desire to work through them, freeing them to dream again.

I am currently reading Patsy Clairmonts book "I Grew Up Little". This book is Patsy Clairmont's autobiography, where she talks about her family, how she met her husband, her speaking ministry, friendships, and her struggle with agoraphobia, anxiety, and depression."

Enjoy your time in your lazy chair, or stretched out on the bed reading a good book.

Until We Meet Again


Mrs. Hinson said...

I'm about to mapquest Commerce, GA. I have never heard of that town, but for $5 books, it's worth looking into! I LOVE to read as well and right now am wanting to read so much, but time hasn't permitted it.

I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!

chadandnikki said...

Loves me some books. All kinds.