Saturday, May 23, 2009

So What Have You Done Today?

The weekends are always busy for Alan and I. Much busier especially for Alan since he preaches twice on Sunday. I don't know when my weekend actually starts but today has been busy.

  • Went to C.A.R.E Ministry at church this morning(while I was there I made the copies for the monthly newsletter for tomorrow, and we also cleaned the church. The janitors of our church had a death this week and we voluntered to take that load off of them. Actually most everyone else did the cleaning and some of us were folding newsletters)
  • Alan and I went to Pancho Villa for lunch.
  • Tried to take a quick nap when I got home, but my mind would not slow down long enough, so I got up and got busy.
  • Then off to Wal-mart to buy the groceries for Amy's(daughter in law) birthday supper tomorrow night with the family
  • Alan and I washed, folded and put away clothes. Alan washed dishes and I dried a few of them and put them away.
  • Made a cake and it is in the oven for Amy.
  • Finishing up the internet radio line up for Alan to load for the week afterwhile
Well, other than putting the Stouffers Lasagnan in the oven that is about it for the day. I am going to sit down and rest, relax and read.

However, I was thinking about how God has blest me over the years. He has been so good to me I was never around alcohol, drugs or partying or all that comes with that kind of a lifestyle growing up. AS a married woman I have always had the best husband. My two children have always been so wonderful they have never give Alan and I one minute of trouble. Now, they are both with their spouses actively serving the Lord. I have one granchild in heaven whom I am waiting to meet, then there is Clayton, and now there is Johanna(who I get to share the same meaning of our names- "The Lord(God) is Gracious"). And the icing on the cake is that I am a Child of the KING.

How about you waht have you done today?
Until Next Time