Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother's Day

We recently put this in our May 2010 church newsletter, and I thought it was very fitting.

The following is an excerpt from one preacher’s Mothers’ Day sermon. He says, “I’m preaching without apology and with appreciation for that time-honored institution without the benefit of which we wouldn’t be here!
Every Mother’s Day sermon I’ve run across starts with an explanation, this one is no exception. As ministers, we’re reminded not to get too sentimental about motherhood because:
for some, motherhood is an accident, and not always a welcome one;
(b) for some, biological motherhood isn’t possible;
(c) for some, mothers weren’t all that nice;
(d) for some, motherhood under the very best of circumstances is still less than a bed of roses and a primrose path.
If I can take some liberties with poet Wilhelm Busch’s words, I’d have to say: “To become a mother is not so difficult; on the other hand, being a mother is very much so!”
So, with all the qualifications that come along with Mother’s Day, why bother with Mothers’ Day at all? I’ll tell you why. It is because for all its stumbling blocks, pitfalls and broken dreams, for all the soiled diapers, soiled wallpaper and spoiled plans, we’re talking about a beautiful ideal, a natural part of God’s creative plan to bring love and caring to light. Motherhood is a constant demand for the gift of love and caring.”

Proclaim Magazine, “A Mother’s Day Sermon,” May 14, 1989

So for me this year I need not celebrate Mothers Day, I had rather honor my children. "Nikki, and Jesse" by natural birth, "Amy and Chad" brought into my life by my natural children. And of course to "Clayton" because I am known as his "Tram". I hope he always calls me Tram, it is just so sweet, special and created by him. "Johanna" who is with the Lord and makes heaven a bit sweeter for me and I can't wait to spend eternity with you. So to the 6 of you thank you for allowing me to be your mother, mother-in-law, and Tram. You have had to put up with a lot, and I am forever grateful that God brought all of you into my life.

Last but not at all least to my wonderful husband for almost 30 years that has allowed me to be the mother of his children. So to all 7 of you, I love you all more than words could ever express, and I am the one blest by God to have you each in my life. All of you have a special place in my heart that could never ever be touched by anyone else but you.

In Christ Alone
Joan(Mom or Tram)

However I do wish my mother, and mother in law a wonderful day on Sunday.


chadandnikki said...

You do deserve a round of applause for dealing with our antics and insanities. Happy MDay Mom!! XOXO