Friday, January 30, 2009

9 + But Not Yet 10, But Who Is Counting? ME!!!!

I think Queens song "Another One Bites The Dust" is pretty fitting. Well, since Christmas I have released 9+ pounds, and only a few more to go. Yea, right in whose dreams. But at least it is a start and it is ALMOST a smaller size in clothes. They say 10-15 pounds is a different clothes size up or down. I am kinda getting bored with my 1200 calories( 3 meals and 2 snacks) so I really need your prayers and encouragement. I did not get to the gym yesterday or today, but plan on going tomorrow and pulling 40 minutes on the treadmill.

How has your Friday been?

In Christ

Amber, I tried to post to your blog and could not post in the comments section. Check out the helps, for posting comments to a blog. there is something in your settings that is not allowing posts. But I forgot exactly where it is . Which nails did you get, I liked the black tips with white strips.


Amber Gray said...

Ok I will check that out now thanks for letting me know!!

Congrats on the weight loss!
Im thiking about doing a diet myself!

and I ended up getting just pink tips with the sparkly line and a flower on two of them, the nail tech and steven talked me into it

Im sure I'll be getting the black tips and white stripes next they are my favorite!


chadandnikki said...

"Another One Bites The Dust"? That's too funny. Congrats. We are doing grrrrr-eat(said like Tony the Tiger)

Nana 2 four said...

Hey Joan, Thanks for stopping by my blog. I started it stricly in obedience to what the Lord was leading, and I give Him all the praise and glory for anything good that comes out of it. He has been so faithful to show me what to post and when I don't hear from Him, I don't post anything.

My husband has been at our current church for 2 years now. GOodwill Baptist is actually his home church and where he was licensed to preach at age 16. We were at our previous church 12 years, but we LOVE it here! GOd is so good. I look forward to reading more on your blog.

COngratulations on the hard work!

In Him,

Mrs. Hinson said...

Congrats Mrs. Joan! You're doing better than me! I really enjoyed your post about self-control. That is an issue that I struggle with daily especially when it comes to my eating. Your blog is a blessing! Have a great week!

Joan Carr said...

Hello Ms Christen, How are you and how are things going in Florida, and all three boys? I struggle daily, but I am trying to put into practice what I read in the Bible. If I only read it and do nothing about it, it has only become words.
I am trying to eat 1200 calories a day( which include 3 meals, and 2 snacks) and see how that works, So far it is working well, along with exercising and drinking more water. I don't like water,exercising or dieting. But oh, well!!

Preachersgirl3491 said...

Ok, so my sad 4 pounds is just that sad. I am going to buckle down and hope to lose 10 this month. I am so proud of all of us!

Lil Red Momma said...

YAY Ms. Joan! I am so proud of you. Try not to get discouraged with your 1200 cals obviously its working. Keep up the good work! Have a great week!

Mrs. Hinson said...

We're all doing good. The boys are doing great...all three of them. It hasn't been an easy seven, almost eight months, but God has been faithful. He always is even though I'm so unfaithful.

For Christmas my parents gave me a membership to the YMCA here, but I have not been faithful in going. Please pray for discipline for me and for the motivation to go and work out, but also to eat right. I want to do it for HIS glory and not for anyone else's. Even if I don't lose much, I need to be healthier and set that pattern for my children.