Thursday, January 8, 2009

As I have found myself recovering from the cold mess I have had a good bit more time on my hands. Guess what I have been doing...well I did get one book finished, and I have practiced the piano more this week. I am trying to make myself practice more, to get better I must spend more time on the piano. That is pretty simple.

Being the bad influence to me that Nikki, my daughter, is I have been chasing blogs. she got me hooked, I have been reading one blog, then it leads to another one, and another one and on and on and on. Well you get the point. However, my husband has not turned the lights out and gone on to bed while I was reading, YET!!! Give me a few more days, Donna. WE are going to have to join some kind of Bloggers Support Group and it is all her fault.

Speaking of Nikki, tonight I am going to a pocketbook party with her, Amy, my daughter-in-law and another young lady from church. How exciting is that. That is another one of my problems, I like good pocket books. But I do not plan on purchasing anything tonight, because I am trying not to shop near as much as I have been doing. It is time to scale back a least for a while on the shopping. So why go, I have never been to a pocketbook party and I want to see what it is all about, and then afterwards we are going out to eat. Probably somewhere that has chic food. It will be fun to get together with the girls tonight and spend time together. WE always have a good time together when we get together to go out and eat, or shopping or whatever it is we come up with to do. There is always a lot of laughing going on, so girls I look forward to the night together.

Until we met again,


chadandnikki said...


Hi, I'm Donna.... said...

Oh that's great, LOL. Of course Nikki is taking no blame whatsoever. With Nikki's help you can now make comments on my blog....see it is her fault!

Joan Carr said...

I have heard for years "It is Not My Fault, I Did Not Do IT".

jamielynn said...

Yeah, I blame Nikki too, if it helps :) pahahaa,

I rather enjoyed tonight too :)
& I have just been curling it where it normally is straight all the time.
It takes longer but I like the outcome better than the straightening.
I'm actually thinking of getting a wave perm it in.. I'm just tired of the same ole same ole..
I need difference.

I can't wait until we get to all spend time together again either..