Thursday, January 22, 2009

Job 22:21

As I was doing my bible study this morning, this scripture was the main topic, and I had to share it with all of you today .

"Acquaint now thyself with him and be at peace: thereby good shall come unto thee".
Job 22:21

As I pondered this scripture and read over it several times I began to wonder how many millions of people are not at peace with themselves and don't even know the root of not being at peace with themselves is really not being at peace with the God. How many times have I not been at peace with myself and the root of my uneasiness is really not being at peace with God. I am afraid to answer my own question because it is many,many times. Oh, but our God is so patient and loving with me and continues to work in my life to bring me back to him.

The song "Wonderful Peace" that Tracy sings so beautifully I think is very fitting for me today.

1.Far away in the depths of my spirit tonight
Rolls a melody sweeter than psalm;
In celestial strains it unceasingly falls
O’er my soul like an infinite calm.


Peace, peace, wonderful peace,
Coming down from the Father above!
Sweep over my spirit forever, I pray
In fathomless billows of love!

2.What a treasure I have in this wonderful peace,
Buried deep in the heart of my soul,
So secure that no power can mine it away,
While the years of eternity roll!

3.I am resting tonight in this wonderful peace,
Resting sweetly in Jesus’ control;
For I’m kept from all danger by night and by day,
And His glory is flooding my soul!

4.And I think when I rise to that city of peace,
Where the Anchor of peace I shall see,
That one strain of the song which the ransomed will sing
In that heavenly kingdom will be:

5.Ah, soul! are you here without comfort and rest,
Marching down the rough pathway of time?
Make Jesus your Friend ere the shadows grow dark;
O accept of this peace so sublime!

I pray that all of you can rest in that peace today and everyday that only God can give.

It;s All About HIM!



Preachersgirl3491 said...

There is nothing like that sweet peace. I thank God for that peace that he offers me everyday. I get chills thinking about Tracy singing that song. I love it.

Amber G said...

Thank you, not only for the congrats but you have no idea how much your comment meant to me =)

I have been reading your blog as well ;)

Deidre said...

Nothing greater than that indescribable peace! I 'plan' to teach on this very subject Sunday (unless God changes things). I think we are all in search of that these days, don't you?

Joan Carr said...

Deidre at For Such a Time as This, I have recently come across your blog and am enjoying it so much.One blog leads to a blog and on and on. I am kinda New to the Blog World but I am discovering what a great tool and witness that it can be for the Lord. I really like your blog title. We just finished a Ladies Bible Study at church that had this title. I enjoyed getting in the bible and learning about some of the ladies their faults and failures and how God could use them anyway.