Monday, January 19, 2009

What's In a Name?

As you can see my blog title is CableCarr if you are not in my immediate family you are probably wondering where did I come up with a name like that. I was a Cable before I married a Carr. I worked in high school at a retail store after school, and many times Alan would take me to work or would come and get me after work and take me home before I had a car of my own. So he was always at the store at closing time. The store manager began calling me CableCarr.

Well when Alan and I got married and I went to the drivers license place to get my name and address changed the license examiner had a field day with that to put it mildly. He tried his best to get me to hyphenate my name Cable-Carr. Although I liked it and I think it sounds catching, I knew I wanted children someday and I wanted them to have the same name as their Daddy and me. Plus, I felt honored to take my husbands name as my own.

So whats in your name? Have you ever wondered why your parents choose your name and what it meant to them at that time? I was given my name because it was my greatgrandfathers name, and my dad has only one given name and the other one that he was given got left off of the birth certificate and it was John after his grandfather. SoI got the female version of part of what my dads name was meant to be.

What about the names of God and or Christ. How many names can you come up with, that are in the Bible that speak of God and or Jesus?

My favorite I Am..... And He is whatever whomever needs HIM to be. Then there are other names like Saviour, Lord, Alpha and Omega, The Lily of the Valley,The Rose of Sharon, Jevohah, Counselour, The Good Shepherd, Father, Holy Ghost, Holy Spirit, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Son of David..... How many more can you think of?


jamielynn said...

my mom named me jamie because she thought it was cute. jamielynn.. whoo! she was actually going to name me jesse to begin with.. ahahaha// but she stayed with Jamie Lynn.

and my favorite is I Am too because He is whatever you need him to be.. just like you said :)

chadandnikki said...

Definitely "I AM". It's all encompassing.