Friday, January 23, 2009

Waiting For The Hubby

Well it is after 11pm and I am still up. I like to sleep when it gets dark, but sometimes I do have to make it past dark.

Today had been a busy one. First and foremost Clayton, the grandson got to spend the day at our house. Time with him is more wonderful that words can be penned to paper or in this case typed on the keyboard even if he is only 11 months old. Secondly, I had piano lessons in the middle of the day. Third and fourth I have been trying to get all the information together for the C.A.R. E. Team tomorrow, and then working on the newsletter for church to be printed tomorrow so they will be ready Sunday. Well C.A.R.E. ministry information is ready for the team in the morning, the newsletter is not done, but I do have tomorrow.

Alan has been preaching this week in Spartanburg,SC and it has been midnight every night at least before he gets home and since it is close to mjidnight now I might as well stay up and wait for him to get home. I can also cruise the blogs while I wait on him. Imagine that, since I have not had much time today to see whatever one else is blogging about.

It's All About HIM


Preachersgirl3491 said...

You are a better wife than I am. I was out like a light when my husband got home. My bed time is like 9 o'clock you know.

Joan Carr said...

I only made it until about 11:45. I would not have made it that long except that I was busy getting stuff done for the C.A.R.E today and also on the newsletter. I got the C.A.R.E. stuff done but not the newsletter. But I have today, always running up to the last minute on everything. Are you feeling better?