Friday, April 16, 2010

Basking in the Sun(SON)

Even though I not not like lizards in any way shape or form(I find myself relating to him today). To me the lizard is a cousin of the snake. Any one creature on earth that I despise it is the snake. I realize that it is Gods creature and He created them, but if they were not any on this earth it would be just fine with me. I have been known to panic on more than one occasion over this creature. My husband would love to have one as a pet, but I cannot live in the same house as one so we have an understanding and it works for us.

However, my mind goes to the lizard today as we all have seen them on a concrete wall, or the side of a house, or just sunning on a rock in the warm/hot sun. I feel like the lizard in that I am basking in the SON(SUN)today. I find that the lizard warms in the sun to warm up his body, because he is cold blooded, and for the vitamin D that he gets from the sun. Sometimes I get cold hearted and feel the winter breeze all around and I must go back to the SON(sun) for warmth. The lizard along with humans need the vitamin D for strength to the body, such as strengthening his bones. I get weak in spirit and body and need to go back to the SON(sun) and get strength for my body.

But if you notice when the lizard is sunning, he has a direct path to the sun, he does not lay in the shade. It is out in the open in the full sunlight that he lays and gets warmed up. I am still basking in the thought that I am "IN Christ" and God has been helping me to feel his love for me. So I feel like the lizard today as I feel the warmth of the SON(sun)all around.

In Christ


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A great correlation!

We have lizards, and they're actually very entertaining. Not only do they take great care to absorb heat, but they keep the yard free of unwanted bugs, like crickets.

Oh that we'd all spend more time basking in the "Son" ...