Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Couples Bible Study

Today I want to blog about studying the Bible together as a couple. Alan and I do this on a daily basis, we study the scriptures and then we pray together. This morning we ran across a scripture that I did not understand and he asked me what I thought it meant. Thank You, Babe for challenging me to think about it instead of just telling me what it meant. After I reread it and we talked about it I thought how simple and how did I miss that to begin with. It was plan as day.

We have not always studied the bible together, or prayed together on a daily basis. Of course we have gone to church together as a family, and now as a middle age couple. (Well he preaches and I listen and it has been this way for many years, so we don't have the privilege of setting on the church pew together). And that is okay, I don't know anything else. But there is just something about that time in the morning when we do our Bible study together, and ask one another how we can pray for the other one that is so special. It will deepen your commitment to the Lord and to one another. You will be able to talk about things during this Bible Study time that may be difficult to talk about at other times. And to know that my spouse is praying for me is so powerful, sometimes or many times that is the only one that really knows how we are feeling about different issues and that is really praying for us and our issues.

So, I challenge you if you are not having a daily Bible Study and praying daily with your spouse if he/she is saved do it NOW. Your home, your marriage and your entire family will be strengthened and you really can't afford to wait any longer. There are many bible studies available on the market that are not very expensive. Actually you can not put a dollar figure on this time with your spouse studying Gods word and praying together.

If you have a spouse that does not yet know the Lord keep praying for them, God is able. He knows exactly how and when to reach them.

In, With and Through Christ


Jamie Lynn said...

Someday, when I have the privalege of being married, I plan to do this very thing:)