Saturday, November 14, 2009

Shopping With The Girls

Today, I took the girls(Nikki my daughter, Amy, my daughter in law)shopping for Christmas). There was a store that we all three like, that was having a sale. And we also found coupons for 20% off also online. Since I am a female, also, I would not dare pick out this purchase for the girls for Christmas. After all they are adults and they understand what the real meaning of Christmas is. We hit up the mall in Gaffney and then onto Concord Mills Mall. I must say I am not a big shopper and I am very tired. I go after what I intend to get and I am ready to go on home. But they found some bargains anyway today.

But as Clayton and I waited several times on the girls to shop in the different stores that we visited I could not help but think about Johanna. My thoughts were totally selfish I know but they were the thoughts of a grandmother.

Although I know God had other plans for you, I wished you were with us today. I so wanted to go into the Strasburg store and look for a dress for you(not that I would have afforded it or would dared to have paid that much for a dress). They had some very pretty white ones hanging in the window. I wished you were in the stroller beside your brother. I wanted to look for you things in all the stores we visited. I wanted you to have the shopping experience with Mom, Aunt Amy, Clayton and Gram.

However, I know that where you are in the presence of the Lord you need nothing. But Gram still missed you today shopping with the girls and Clayton. But, one day we will all be together worshiping Jesus together and that will be better than any shopping trip, I know. But you have forever touched Grams heart.

In, With and Through Christ


chadandnikki said...

I thought the exact thoughts today. They are bittersweet. Bitter for me, but so sweet for her. And I guess sweet for me too.

Kelly said...

I know you all miss her so much! I am praying for you all.

Jamie Lynn said...

I feel like that on occassion about her. 'specially when I'm playing with Clayton.

Preachersgirl3491 said...

I had the same thoughts when we went past all the pretty dresses. I thought of all the sweet things that she would just have to have for Christmas.