Monday, November 9, 2009

Women of Faith Conference - Greensboro 2009 - Part II

Well, I can say I have gotten mostly rested from the Women of Faith Conference that we attended on Friday and Saturday. Yesterday I posted about some of the music that was at the conference. Mandisa did an amazing job, Steven Curtis Chapman was not afraid to open up his heart and share his heart over the loss of his precious adopted daughter, or the struggles of being a Dad and not always getting it right. He did perform his song Cinderella that I had not ever heard and it was very powerful and touching. My thoughts of course were on my own daughter, and her precious daughter Johanna that lived 63 precious, wonderful minutes with her mom and dad before she went HOME only 2 weeks ago.

But today, I want to tell you of some of the speakers that we heard. Marilyn Meberg spoke a couple of times and was oh so good. Patsy Clairmont was there Friday night and spoke with such fire and compassion although her son has been in intensive care for 10 days(with H1N1 according to the internet) There was about 11,000 women in attendance and they stopped for a time of prayer for Ms. Patsy's son - Awesome. I always enjoy her so much she is just a little ball of fire. Lisa Whelchel from the "Facts of Life" spoke and told us about her struggles being in Hollywood and being on her own at such an early age, and her weight struggles, and her struggles with being disconnected from life and how she is overcoming that with the Lords help. WE also heard from Sheila Walsh and the "Winter" that has settled in on her home and marriage and how God is working in her, her husband and her son. And how God used her 10 year old son to speak volumes to her about Forgiveness one night. And we also heard from Luci Swindoll, she was the last speaker Saturday. She has such a way about her like not other that I like, too.

There were other speakers also but that was the highlight of the conference for me.I was kinda not wanting to go this year because my daughter always goes with me, and she was not able to go and she is my BFF. But I had my daughter in law with me this year and we had a wonderful time, and we all enjoyed it a lot and I am glad that I went.

The one thing I learned is transparency from this conference. I am a private person and don't expose or tell to much of my life. But, I see how God can use what one goes through to help and touch others so I am praying that the Lord will help me be more transparent with some of the things He has brought me through. Because God has truly been with me, helped me, and touched me many, many times. And others need to see my God in me.

Grace Be to YOU,


chadandnikki said...

It hurts being transparent, but it heals in a way as well. And there's something about getting it all out that is actually refreshing(for me at least).