Friday, November 20, 2009

Why Is It?

I am not much to fantasize about days gone by, because yes there were things that would have been wonderful about them. There were many things that would have been extremely horrible about them. So I am not one to look back and wish I could have live in the "good ole days".

But what has happened to people, why do they act like they do, or we do. What happened to working for what you obtained. If you could not afford it, you did not obtain it. When did that generation of people disappear. What happened to working and PAYING for everything you got, and doing without until you could pay for IT yourself. Where did those people go, am I expected to keep up everyone just because I am a Christian. Don't get me wrong I love to help and give as much as the next person, but sometimes you have to help yourself. It is called WORK, you want things you must sacrifice and work, earn money and pay for them. Is this not part of being an adult.

What happened to being nice on the telephone, don't call my house and demand to know where MY Husband is. I am not talking about immediate family members, or any family members, church members, or even former church members, or even preacher friends, or friends. I am talking about complete strangers, is it really any of your business where he is and what he is doing. For my own safety I do not tell strangers when he is out of town. Don't demand to know where he is and what he is doing. This has happened on more than one occasion this WEEK. I do keep in touch with my husband and pass along all his messages to him and then he can determine what ministry needs to be done. But come on don't demand to me to know his where abouts and his coming and goings just so you can receive a free CD.

Yes, I guess I am on a rant today but indulge me. But, where are the people that are saved that are trying to live a life like Christ. Do we really think Christ would act like we do.

John 3:30
He must increase, but I must decrease.

Maybe I should close by asking you to pray for me.


chadandnikki said...

That's a great rant.

Jamie Lynn said...

*clapping hands*
I've never heard you rant before.
It's good to do so every now and then.
&& I'll admit that I'm one of those nerds who want to live in the "good ol' days" for real. I see it on old movies (I'll admit I'm a classic movie junkie too) and on old shows and whatnot, and I envy it. For real. No lie.
I don't know where these Christians are either but I wish they'd come out of the woodworks where they are suppose to be.
Front line for Jesus.

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

sometimes we just have to rant a little. You were very nice about it! :)

I agree with you on these things, though.