Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Holy and Without Blame

As I was doing my Bible reading this morning I thought I would also begin reading in Ephesians since Alan has started preaching this book on Sunday mornings at out church. Sunday he just laid the background and preached out of chapter 1, verses 1&2. I really enjoy the book of Ephesians and it is a wonderful book to read everyday for a month. But since I had just done this I thought I would read chapter 1 everyday at least for this week, and who knows after that.

Today, part of verse 4 is what has been stuck in mind all day.

Eph 1:4b
...that we should be holy and without blame before him in love.

Oh, that I would live a more holy and blameless life before God and others. For you see, He has done so much for me that is the least I could do is to try to live a holy and blameless life. Here is just a few things He has done for me:

1)Died on the cross for my sins, and choose me before the foundation of the world to be His child. I'm REDEEMED!!!
2)Saved my husband, called him to preach and pastor, saved my daughter, her husband and called him into the ministry, saved my son and his wife, and called him to preach and pastor also.
3) A wonderful grandson(who one day we are believing that he will accept the Lord at a young age).
4)Johanna, is now in the presence of the Lord, waiting on all of us to come be with her.
5)Let me be born in America(where we are the richest people in the world).
6)Healed me from back problems and dependency upon pain killers. Praise HIS Name!!
7)I can freely worship HIM and read my BIBLE and go to church anytime without persecution.
8)I have air to breath, food to eat and a nice warm house to live in, and a nice car to drive to get around in.
9)He answers prayers for me, sometimes yes, sometimes no, and sometimes it is just wait.
10)HE Loves ME!!!!!What more can I say.

I do strive to live a holy and blameless life but I am afraid I fail many times how about YOU?

Grace be unto YOU


Jamie Lynn said...

I love this post.
Yes, I fail Him everday.
Who doesn't?
But you know, when The Advesary goes to Him and says "did you see what she did?"
Jesus just says "she's under the blood"...

Thank Him! & Praise Him!

Sassy Granny ... said...

It's taken me a long, long time to get my mind & heart around the concept of "holy". It's not what I thought it was as a child or young woman. It's a place of power and certainty, a precious condition God grants me as His own; a place that's set apart & above - - not "better than", just "marked for His purposes & glory".

I long to be holy.

Bless you for focusing us there today!