Monday, October 26, 2009

Johannna's Prayer

Today, Lord our precious granddaughter is layed to rest. You knew this day was coming before the foundation of the world. You knew she would have only 63 minutes on this earth. You fearfully and wonderfully made her this way for your own reasons. I don't understand why, I want to. But I can rest in the fact that you and you alone know what you are doing and what was best for Johanna and for Nikki, Chad, Clayton, her grandparents, her aunts and uncles and all the others touched by her life. Forever my life has been changed by her life, ever so sweet, so precious, tiny and perfect. I wanted to buy her dresses, toys, play together and just spend hours and hours together doing grandmotherly things. But you had and have a bigger much better plan.

She has been rejoicing with you for 3 days now as we see it on earth. Oh, I wonder what heaven is like, what she is doing along with her other brother or sister. I like to imagine that they are together at your feet, or roaming all over heaven together praising you for who you are and for what you have done.Thank You Lord, that Johanna will miss heartaches, miss all the effects of sins, that she is with you forever. Thank You for chosing me to be your child and to be Johannas "Gram" and one day I can be with you forever, and there will be Johanna and we will an eternity together with YOU.

Hugs and Kisses to Johanna for me.

Your child


Sassy Granny ... said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. I can't imagine, as a fellow-grandmother, how difficult it would be to relinquish a much-loved child.

Bless you and your family, and may the Lord's many comforts sustain each and every one.


Jamie Lynn said...

Love it.