Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Psalms 1-5

I am on a mission to read a psalms a day, or should I say every couple of days. I get to reading and studying them and I tend to stay in a psalms more than 1 day. And since it is my bible studies and time with the Lord I imagine that I can spend as long as I need to or want to in each one.

I have made it to chapter 5, and I must say that I am really enjoying each and every psalms. Each one is packed full of nuggets.

Psalms 1 - Blessed is the man that walks with the Lord, and he will be like a tree panted by the water.(strong & nourished,and not blown away with the first hint or wind - trouble)

Psalms 2 - Kings and Rulers think have it going on, but God is really in control and they will one day know this.

Psalms 3 - Many are against me, and trouble is all around for David and for us also, but God is our shield and He holds us up. David found such peace in God in the midst or turmoil and trouble because God was his shield that he could lay down and go to sleep. What peace, I'm not always there but I'm striving.

Psalms 4 -David was bold, when he told God to listen to him when he prayed. I'm not that bold or brave yet. How about you? But I most definitely do want God to hear me and listen to me. Because of turmoil or distress, David was made larger(enlarged) by God. When God apply's the pressure and we go to God and let him work, and we walk in close communion with Him we become larger and do not even know it. But others can see it in out lives. God has blest me and been better to me than the harvesters when they are harvesting their corn and grain in their best season ever.OH My!!!Again we see that we can lay down and sleep because of the peace God gives.

Go read these 4 psalms for yourself and let me know what you glean from them, I am not through with psalms 5 yet so I am not posting about it today.

In, With, Through Christ


chadandnikki said...

I love all of the Psalms. There is something for everything in them. Encouragement to instruction, it's all there.