Saturday, October 10, 2009

Liquid Prayers

Since Thursday Night I have been reading Psalms 6 and I have been trying to get my mind around this Psalms. I have read it several times a day and pondered on it and have also done some other commentary reading.

This is waht I have discovered thus far. Psalms 6 is one of the first of Davids penitent(repentant) psalms. There are 6 more of these Psalms 32,38,51,102,130,143. Pslams 6 is divided into two parts,veres 1-7 and it is Davids brokenheartedness over his sin, verses 8-10 his mood changes and he has declared God has heard him and delivered him from his troubles.

As I was reading after Charles Speugeon in his "Treasury of David" along in verses 6 & 7 David is weeping, he is so broken that he is weeping and groaning out to God. What I ran across was Spurgeon calling these tears "Liquid Prayers". Oh my, I had not really thought about them as liquid prayers. I know that God takes our groanings and utterance to Him and transposing them into what we need to pray and He knows our heart and what we are seeking better than we do ourselves.

But "Liquid Prayers"!!!I will not forget that one. How many times lately have I went to God with my liquid prayers and not even able to utter words, all I could do was weep. I'm of the opinion that our tears are probablby better than our words.

In, With, Through Christ


chadandnikki said...

I like that "liquid prayers". Sometimes all you can do is weep, but God understands that. Amazing!!

Jamie Lynn said...

I love this post!
So true.
I never thought of a way to describe tearful prayers.
I'm with Nikki, I like it "liquid prayers".