Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Apple Jolly Rancher

Today is a Clayton day and let's see what we have got into thus far. I was changing handbags today, going from one of my Vera Bradley's to a Coach bag. I was in my bedroom changing all my necessary items from one bag to another on the bed. Guess who wanted to help, and who got to help "Clayton". He wanted up on my tall bed to help so I put him up there and he sit real still going through my 2 handbags with me.(I thought he would have a field day playing on the bed, nope it was more fun to play with the handbags and all the goodies inside)He found a Apple Jolly Rancher and was trying to eat it paper and all. So I got it and unwrapped it, and into the mouth it goes exactly what I expected. The funny part was he had trouble keeping it in his mouth. It would pop out and the he would laugh and put it back in his mouth. He did this several times and would giggle everytime. It was so funny even though we were sticky from waist up along with both handbags and wallets that he was helping me with. But after a few wipeys everything was good, Clayton, purses and wallets.

I have let him play in my kitchen cabinets every since he could and wanted to. I do have one that is secured with all my cleaning products. The other cabinets that he gets into are the ones with food, and the one with the pots and pans. Along with the cabinet that the Sudrops are in. I have let him play with them, I learned over the weekend that all this shaking up will make them go flat. I don't drink them so I did not know that. Since there are a few consumed a week and groceries are absolutely outrageously high I had to put all the Sundrops up on the counter this morning because they were the toy of the day.

Well, I know my day is probably way more exciting than yours since it is a Clayton day. He is napping right now and will be up any minute with more things to get into.

Mom,it is so much fun at Grams/Poppas and I don't get to do EVERYTHING I want to.

Until tomorrow


chadandnikki said...

I know he gets to do exactly what he wants, no matter what you tell me. I hope he didn't ruin a Coach bag. I think I might puke just thinking about Jolly Rancher on a Coach bag. Oh well. Glad you're have a great day. Enjoy the rest and the evening with red. Road Trip. YIPPIE!!

Jamie Lynn said...

He is a mess.. he wanted to help me scrapbook yesterday...I couldn't let him because he had sticky hands & wanted to play with just the glue & sissors. He was pretty happy when he snagged some ribbon though haha.. sticky hands just don't go with pictures:) But I let him play with the ribbon & the big box that everything goes in.

The jolly rancher part made me laugh hahaha.. he's a mess. Have fun with him!!!!! (as always) & give him a huge hug & kiss from Aunt James.