Monday, June 15, 2009

Song of Solomon

The last couple of days I have been reading the Song of Solomon and have much to learn from this book of 8 chapters.I am actually reading another book entitled "Falling in Love with Jesus" by Kathy Troccoli and Dee Brestin that spurred the interest in the book of Song of Solomon.

My love for Jesus should be similar to that of a bride on her wedding day anxiously awaiting her bridegroom. If you have been to any weddings the bride is oh so anxious, nervous, excited and most definitely glowing with her love for her bridegroom. I realize that the Song of Solomon is a love story between King Solomon and his Shunamaite lady and is the perfect example of how our love for our husbands are to be, continually. There is nothing that is sweeter than to see a couple that have grown old together that are still in love and even more in love with each other than the day they married. I'm talking about, still holding hands, thoughtful(not grouches)compassionate, etc. So, I want to learn how to be a better wife to my man from studying this book.

I also know that this book is perfect picture of Christ's love for the sinner(me). There is a lot of descriptive language in this book and I do not yet understand and I want to learn from it. I want to better understand and comprehend Gods love for me. I want to fall in love with Jesus more today than yesterday,and more tomorrow than today for you see we are married and I am awaiting the day I can see my bridegroom(Jesus).

It's All about HIM