Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Nikki

27 years ago today, God blest Alan and I with one of the two most precious gifts outside of salvation possible. After 9 months and 3 weeks of waiting we were finally going to get to meet our child face to face, we had no idea whether it was a boy or a girl. At 20 years of age what did either one of us know about being parents beside nothing, but even in our lost state God allowed you "Nikki" into our lives. But, God used you to begin to speak to my heart about how I was living in front of you and what I was teaching you. I did not want you to go the path I was beginning to follow. I knew enough about God to know that my way of life was not what I wanted for you. God saved Alan(God saved me at a latter date) when you were 11 months old, and we got in church, and the rest is history.

such a precious baby you were with a mind all your own.
such an independent little girl, toddling around.
such a big help with your little brother, and oh how proud of him you were(always best friends)
such a little girl with ideas and thoughts of your own.
such a wonderful young lady you were becoming as a teenager.
such a support and help for me and our home while I was incapacitated
such a radiant bride on your wedding day.
such a wonderful lady you have become.
such a sweet and caring mother you are
such a pleasure to see God in your life.

Happy Birthday, Nikki.
I Love You


Jamie Lynn said...

Awhh!! I love it..
&& I love Nikki.
She isn't just my SIL she's straight up my sister!