Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Nahum 1:7

Yesterday being the 1st of the month I posted my memory verse in the sidebar. Alan was preaching last week in a revival and a lady sang the special music for the night, and she quoted this verse. Instantly I knew it was a verse worth memorizing so I made it my memory verse yesterday.

Yesterday I began studying the book of Nahum to see what was before and after my memory verse. Interesting, and I had to go to others to begin to understand this book. I went to to see what others said. If you have not ever gone to this site it is a wonderful website with all kind of commentaries listed, and you can do all kind of searches in lots of ways.

One I enjoy reading after is Ray Steadman, among others. My interest yesterday was to see what the entire book which is only 3 chapters is about. This is what I found out. Nahums's name means "comfort" and he is describing one attribute of God. "His Anger" to the Southern Kingdom of Judah. The events in Nahum took place approximately 100 years after Jonah's adventures and they were again turning from God.

I wanted to share what Ray Steadman said "To those who think that God is only a God of love and never of wrath, let them learn from Nahum that a God who is never angry is a God who cannot love. Did you ever think of that? God's wrath comes from his love. It is because God loves that he is angry; because of love that wrath must blaze forth. You can prove that to yourself. What moves you to anger? Isn't it almost always when something or someone you love is threatened or injured? It may be yourself. We all love ourselves. What makes us angry? Somebody injures us and because we love ourselves, we get mad at them. Or someone injures our child and our wrath blazes forth. And if you cannot get angry when you hear or see injury and injustice, it is proof that you are not capable of love, for the one who cannot be angry is the one who cannot love. If you can read stories of atrocities and oppression and the awful traffic in body-destroying and soul-destroying drugs and narcotics among young people and never be moved to burning anger, then I tell you there is something wrong with you. You are incapable of love. If God cannot smite, if he cannot destroy in vengeance, then he has no capacity for love."

Something to think about God's love and God's wrath, and I am still studying on the book of Nahum.

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chadandnikki said...

I like this. I'm glad He knows me. That gives me much comfort.